02 September 2008

Where is the Honor?

While Republicans may be very excited about John McCain's choice for VP, voters should still think about who she is in real life. She is a woman who has no honor and no ethical code. It has been reported by many news sources that Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of McCain's running mate, Sarah, is 5 months pregnant. Bristol Palin is not married, which makes it difficult for me to understand why Sarah Palin hasn't done anything about her daughter's pregnancy? After all, she is religious so she should follow the ethical laws set out by religion. I know that I have followed the law when it was necessary. We all know that Sarah Palin is capable; let the picture below talk for itself. She knows what has to be done, why doesn't she do it? The only reason is because she really isn't religious, so why would someone want to vote for her? She is an infidel and will only bring more disgrace unto America. If she can't defend the honor of her family, how can she defend the honor of her country?

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