13 May 2008

A Country's Problem - Yahud

Well, my infidel friends, if you think that when I complain about the problems that the Jews (Yahud) cause us I am really at fault, boy are you in for a surprise! All that I tell you about the Jews is true, it is not made up and it is not my fault. In fact, they cause problems in other places of the world - such as Kazakhstan. Here is a video for you to see about the problems they cause in Kazakhstan. It is called Mogozrobitcher Domuvon, which means "In My Country There Is A Problem," in Kazakh. Watch it and then you can come to your own conclusions.

Song and lyrics by Borat Sagdiyev, a news reporter for the state run Kazakhstan television. With such impressive credentials it's hard to deny the validity to his statements. The video was produced by Azamat Bogatov, a world famous producer who can do a much better job than the pagan Steven Spielberg even if his eyes were blindfolded. Besides, Spielberg is an American Jewish infidel!

06 May 2008

We Need Obama!

Today is a big day for Hillary Clinton. Many think it's do or die for her campaign. But honestly, what is she thinking? Does she really think that the American public will vote for her instead of Barack Hussein Obama? Why do the Americans even allow women to run for office, it's a waste of time, money and energy. In the Arab world, we don't even bother to waste anything on them. Just give Hillary a burka and tell her not to meddle in Obama's business. Obama needs to win the election; the whole Arab world is counting on it.