10 January 2008

Practicing Terror is Freedom

First of all I want to apologize to you for not updating you about my exciting life in a while. There was a lot of work we had to do before Bush's visit started. But there is something I wanted to ask you. Bush came here to make "peace" and the first thing he does is threatens war. I'm no big fan of the Iranians; they shower less than us. But why doesn't the American government support Iranian terror just as they support Palestinian terror? Why are our Iranian brothers being denied their Allah-given right to perpetrate terror?!? In the video of the standoff between American and Iranian boats they make the Americans seem like victims. Well, there's another video out there that the media won't show you (it's amazing how frightened the media is of the truth). It's a video a friend of mine took in Iraq and sent to me. It shows the barbaric actions of American soldiers.