16 September 2008

Islamic Association for Multiple Personality

It was with great disgust that I read the story of Mohammed Bello Masaba. Don't get me wrong, I don't despise his actions, rather those of the Nigerian government. Nigerian police have arrested Masaba, a Muslim preacher, for having too many wives! He is charged with violating Islamic law which forbids men from having more than 4 wives. At 84 years old, with 86 wives and 107 children, Masaba says that he gets his power from Allah and is therefore able to have such a large family. For those of you who can't count to 86, and therefore don't know how much it is, look at the picture which shows some of his wives. Even though Masaba has violated Islamic law, I still think Nigerian authorities acted inappropriately because they haven't properly assessed the situation. Masaba, like nearly 10% of Western infidels, has Multiple Personality. He actually has 23 known different personalities so he can technically still marry another 6 women. It doesn't matter that 5 of his personalities are under the age of 10 and 3 personalities are women. Where is the Islamic Association for Multiple Personality to defend him? Perhaps he will meet another 6 loves of his life in prison...?