13 May 2008

A Country's Problem - Yahud

Well, my infidel friends, if you think that when I complain about the problems that the Jews (Yahud) cause us I am really at fault, boy are you in for a surprise! All that I tell you about the Jews is true, it is not made up and it is not my fault. In fact, they cause problems in other places of the world - such as Kazakhstan. Here is a video for you to see about the problems they cause in Kazakhstan. It is called Mogozrobitcher Domuvon, which means "In My Country There Is A Problem," in Kazakh. Watch it and then you can come to your own conclusions.

Song and lyrics by Borat Sagdiyev, a news reporter for the state run Kazakhstan television. With such impressive credentials it's hard to deny the validity to his statements. The video was produced by Azamat Bogatov, a world famous producer who can do a much better job than the pagan Steven Spielberg even if his eyes were blindfolded. Besides, Spielberg is an American Jewish infidel!

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