01 April 2008


Do you know what true betrayal feels like? People compare it to having a knife stuck in your back, but this isn't true. The pain is worse than being beheaded - trust me, I know! I considered Binzana a true loyal friend of mine, but he betrayed me. I pray that Mohammad should smite him with the wrath of Allah.

I went to check up on my goat, Sharmota, and behold! Binzana was raping poor Sharmota! In addition to the fact that Sharmota was mine and not his, she is only two years old!! Hasn't he ever heard about age of consent? Not only is he a rapist, but he is also a pedophile!

To make a long story short, Binzana ran away from the cave and is nowhere to be found. Rumor has it that he surrendered to the Zionist infidels who are using him to gain information about my company. What a traitor!

As for Sharmota, she had to be killed. There is no age of consent for mercy killings in Islam, regardless if it's a person or animal. I had great hopes for Sharmota, but those will never be realized. My consolation is that I know Allah is vengeful and will take revenge against Binzana for me.

Rest in piece, Sharmota, rest in peace.

P.S. This is not an April Fools' joke, this is true!

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Anonymous said...

"As for Sharmota, she had to be killed."

Why must woman pay for the sin of man. My brother, please heed my words. Don't kill Sharmota anymore.

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